Munzee Madness Products

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Jewel Munzee Assortment Pack

Jewel Munzee Assortment 5-Pack
One each: Diamond, Pink Diamond, Topaz, Aquamarine and Ruby.
Add some Sparkle to your neighborhood.

Munzee Logo Lapel Pin

Here's a nifty little Munzee Logo Lapel Pin. Looks great on a shirt collar, jacket lapel, baseball cap, munzee hat, t-shirt, anywhere you can think of. Show off your Munzee Pride. They measure roughly 3/4" wide and 1" tall. Buy a couple and give one away. Send one to me!

Treasure Evolution Stickers

Munzee - Treasure Evolution Stickers! Sheet of 10 - Reseller Exclusive!

Reseller Exclusive!

TEN - Treasure Evolution Munzee Stickers!

Gold Coin --> Bag of Gold Coins --> Treasure Chest!
FREE exclusive Extras included with every order!
Buy with confidence from the original Munzee Reseller!

WallaBee Personal Munzee Dog Tag

WallaBee Personal Munzee Dog Tag - WallaBee Design

Brand new Crossover item!
WallaBee Personal Munzee Dog Tag!!
Combining two great games, WallaBee and Munzee!
Limited Supply! 

$12.00 each

Old Glory Personal Munzee Dog Tag

Newest Personal Munzee Dog Tag in the store.
Great graphic of Old Glory waving in the breeze.
Limited quantities available.
$12.00 each

Prize Wheel Munzees

5-Pack of Prize Wheel Munzees!
25 points to the deployer, 25 points to the deployer each time it's captured.
And the capper gets the surprise points! 10, 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 points!

Ice Munzees

Munzee Ice Munzee 10 Pack Stickers Chilly!

The new kid on the ice block.

Ice Munzee physical stickers.


Buy with confidence from the original Munzee Reseller!

Fire & Ice Combo

Ten FIRE Munzees 
Ten ICE Munzees


10-Pack Munzee Madness RUMs - Reseller Unique Munz

Brand New Munzee Type!!!

10 Official Munzee Madness Reseller Unique Stickers!

Available ONLY from Munzee Madness!!

Munzee Nation Dog Tag Set

Munzee Nation Dog Tag Set
Limited Edition

FIRE Mystery Munzees

HOT Item!
Ten Pack (10 stickers)

How do they work and what are the points?

50 points for deploying!!!
60 points split between the Capper and the Owner!!!

When captured, the Fire Mystery lights three fires within 1 mile on greenies. These will burn for two hours or until capped.

Capping these fires results in two possible outcomes:
1. There is an 80% chance that the fire will extinguish. For putting out the fire, the capper will receive 50 points and the owner of the host greenie will earn 10 points.
2. The other 20% is a little more dangerous. These fires can also burn you. If you get burned, you will LOSE 5 points. The owner of the host greenie will still earn 10 points.


Personal Munzee Dog Tags

This Personal Munzee is an aluminum Dog Tag style Munzee. It comes with a 20mm split ring so it can be attached to just about anything.

The personal munzee is similar to a social munzee, however it yields points and is tied to actual coordinates. The owner of a personal munzee is able to deploy up to 3 times per day in new locations by scanning the munzee where they would like it deployed. Once deployed the munzee is able to be captured up to one mile away. This allows a player to create a nametag, deploy at an event, then walk around the local area freely while still being able to be captured. A personal munzee may not be deployed more than 3 times per day, even with assistance from MHQ, so be careful. The personal munzee is exempt from proximity rules so it is able to be deployed at an event or in the middle of virtual fields, ANYWHERE you may meet another player and want to share your code.

Points: Owner deploy - 10 points (not earned each time it is deployed, transferred each time).  Player capture - mystery random points 10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45.  Owner residual points - Sum of 50 between player capture and residual.  Example: Player capture = 30, owner residual = 20. Total = 50 

Common uses for a personal munzee:

  • Nametag
  • Bumper Sticker
  • Shirt
  • Personal Coin or identifier
  • Key Chain
  • Zipper Pull
  • Tattoo? ;)

You can always use the code of your personal munzee for other ideas as well, be creative!

Ten Pack Mini Mystery Munzees

The new Munzee on the block!

The Mini Mystery Munzee.

Brand new and ready to deploy!

Buy with confidence from Munzee Madness, the first authorized Reseller!

49er Munzee Pack: Mini-Mysteries, Minizees and Reg

This special 49er Munzee Pack consists of the following items:

  • 9 Mini-Mystery Munzees
  • 20 White Minizees
  • 20 White Regular size (7/8") Munzees.


That's 49 Munzees! But wait, there's more!
We'll throw in one extra Mini-Mystery Munzee for free!

A total of 50 brand spanking new Munzees, ready for you to deploy.
And of course, there's always free goodies included with every order!


Earth Mystery Munzees

10 Pack Earth Mystery Munzees

The Ban Hammer!

The Ban Hammer! 
New Design Personal Munzee 
Metal Dog Tag!

The Chief!

The Chief! New design Personal Munzee.
Metal Dog Tag! Premium Item!

Hurts My Eyes!

Hurts My Eyes! New design Personal Munzee Metal Dog Tag!

Aquamarine Munzees

Aquamarine Munzee Stickers!

This is a ten pack of Aquamarine Stickers.
Brand new physical sticker, just released.
New, smaller size.


Five Diamond Munzees

Diamond Munzee Stickers!
This is a five pack of DIAMONDs.
New, smaller size.

Five Ruby Munzees

Ruby Munzee Stickers!
This is a five pack of RUBIES.
New, smaller size.

Ten Motel Munzees

The Motel Munzee Pack

Contains TEN pre-coded and ready to deploy MOTEL Munzees!

Motel Munzees are complex!
With 5 Rooms to Grow!

These are the NEW smaller size.

Five Hotel Munzees

The Hotel Munzee Pack

Contains FIVE pre-coded and ready to deploy HOTEL Munzees!

Hotel Munzees are complex!
With 10 Rooms to Grow!

These are the NEW smaller size.

Personal Munzee Leather Key Chain Fob

This Personal Munzee is a Leather Key Chain Fob style Munzee
It has a nice feel to it, a large ring for keys and the QR code and artwork is under plastic so it won't get scratched or abused.

Eureka! 10 Each: Clear/White/Mini Mystery

Eureka! 10 Each: Clear/White/Mini Mystery

This combo consists of TEN each:
Clear Generic Munzees
White Generic Munzees


100 WHITE Generic Munzee Stickers - NEW 7/8

Offered here for sale is a lot of 100 WHITE vinyl Generic Munzee QR Code Stickers.

These are the NEWEST size and will prove to be the standard. The QR code measures approximately 7/8" square.
I think this is the perfect size for almost any deploy situation.

These Munzee Stickers are made of high quality, WHITE vinyl with a thin laminate layer that makes them weatherproof. Being printed on WHITE vinyl, they stand out well on any color surface and make for an easy scan.


Hwy 49 California Gold Rush Guide

Buy one of these and I'll toss in a FREE Mystery Munzee!
Be sure to ask for it in your paypal payment.

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